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Heart’s Planet by Shilpa Dhar

Heart’s Planet by Shilpa Dhar Coming this September

About the Book :

It’s a journey of a girl from the existence to the oblivion… A young teenager from the valley who believed in nothing but science and its miracles. Until some mysterious happenings make her plunge into the realms unheard before…

Heart's Planet by First Step Publishing

She walks on a beautiful path of self-realization which unfolds many untouched domains of her life. “If I was a name, my life would have been famous in fake fame, but the letter ‘I’ is not just a name but an aim in itself.”  A tunnel that makes you look at light of the universe from the other end, but what you realise at the end of the journey is that the entire experience within the tunnel was just to meet your unexplored self within.

An adventurous journey of a teenage girl with her brother into the unknown world. Her quest for science takes her to the unexplored realms of universe. Perhaps, what unfolds in the end is the journey that leads to a new beginning.


About the Author

Shilpa Dhar author at First Step Publishing Born in Srinagar , Kashmir valley Shilpa Dhar has seen the insanity of humans at a very early stage in her life. She was just three when her house was burnt down by terrorists , post that her family left the valley.

She says she indeed misses her mother land a lot . The inspiration to write comes from her motherland.
Shilpa has done her schooling from Dehradun and jammu followed by perusing B.tech in IT from Chandigarh.

She has worked in 4 Punjabi feature films ( regional cinema with brands like eros and zee studios) as an actor .

She has worked in kids show for disney and big magic channel.

Writing and acting both are her food for life!

The most beautiful thing about acting and writing both is that both come to me from the existence. When I act I forget my own existence and allow nothingness to rest in me , allowing the character I am playing to flow in my physical body.

She also practices tarot card readings from past four years.

“I deeply realize the essence of all being connected : acting / writing and spirituality”
She quotes !

It’s like when you don’t aim for the fame , rather allow the existence to speak through you , you become an artist in your very being

“When we act we are most of the time not being ourselves or doing the role what we really want to from within but when I write I am always happily doing what’s storming in me to come out and flow through my ink .”

Is what she quoted for “falling for love again “ which was published in 2016.

Now she happily says “ I only act and I only write when I know there is a calling and the universe wants to express through me , my ink , my expressions – the depth of my very being !”

Her family and brother is her strength.
It’s there unconditional love that germinates me.

I bow before sai Baba , Jesus and Krishna
For being my guiding light , for being my guarded pillars in the world of spirituality .
Goddess Saraswat For paving my way in the dark world of ignorance – my humble gratitude !!

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