If I Had a Last Wish

First Step Publishing is proud to present #IfIHadALastWish

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With Special Guest Writer Swarupa Chavan Author of the award winning title The Predcition
Other Contributing writers

Riddhi Ambavale Chavan
Priya Vyas
Divya Malhotra
Reetwika Banerjee
Chetan Jaiman
Pooja Khurana
Kanak Aggarwal
Riya Kaniyawala
Hardik Maurya
Shagun Kesar

Details about the Book:
Ever Filled any slam book, Ever seen the question in the slam book “If I Had a Last Wish” This time hold your breath and read astounding stories that depicts some amazing last wishes before death; and that, they gets fulfilled

ISBN: 978-9383306398

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