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Kaushlendra Sharma 2nd With First Step Publishing

Kaushlendra Sharma 2nd With First Step Publishing: Vision, Mission & Confusion

Kaushlendra Sharma 2nd With First Step PublishingKaushlendra Sharma 2nd With First Step Publishing; Vision, Mission, & Confusion is a fictional title but dealing around the topic of global warming with a dice of Love Story.

With the success of his first title 2 Turns, Kaushlendra Sharma decided to publish his second title “Vision, Mission & Confusion” with First Step Publishing. The topic revolves around global warming with a dice of a love story. With an Apt Tagline, ‘Sometimes in Love, More Times in Life’ it describes day to day definition of life which keeps on changing and Hari’s attempt to keep it constant.

It’s about an issue of a Hari’s personal life, how in his journey he co-relates the problem of his life with that of the world’s biggest problem “Global Warming”. How his own Vision & Mission creates a Confusion which dramatically concludes to a solution the world is seeking for, ‘Global Warming’.

Newton’s second law of motion contributes him to get rid of the problems; ‘You have to apply effort by your own to stop the revolving problem of your life.’ All of his emotional efforts are turning into a scientific solution for Global Warming.

About the Author

Kaushlendra Sharma author at First Step Publishing Kaushlendra Sharma presently is pursuing PhD from National Institute of Technology Raipur in the Department of Information & Technology.
Academically he has completed B.E, in Information Technology in 2006, and then pursued M. Tech in Computer Technology in 2011 from NIT Raipur. He is having a work experience of over 10 years as Assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
2 Turns” was his first novel published by First Step Publishing which is currently available in over 34 countries.
Kaushlendra frequently writes and comment on “Talking Point” column of Times of India which has been published in the newspaper many times. He tries to give a social message through his stories but in an entertaining way.

About First Step Publishing

Founded in 2011 First Step Publishing is slowly capturing the Indian Publishing domain.

First Step Publishing established in 2011 is one of the fast growing publishing firms based in Mumbai. the main objective of foundation is to provide a platform to the new writers to showcase their talent. In the competitive world we have many fresh writers who are deserving but do not get an exposure as the established writers receive from the industry. Hence, the tagline ‘Paying Ways For New Writers’ stands to its expectations. Having published over 200 writers from 7 countries First Step Publishing has a paperback distribution setup across 34 countries and expanding.
With many awards and accolades attached to the firm, both National and International, they promise to always stay true to their motto of existence and boost the spirits of new authors and provide their readers with varied and unique content.

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