Swarupa Chavan

Introducing Swarupa Chavan, guest writer for If I Had A Last Wish, Published by First Step Publishing, is the winner of ‘The Best Sci-Fi book of the year 2016 Award’ for her recent novel THE PREDICTION. It is an intriguing novel in which the power of precognition has been captured ingeniously and keeps the pages turning.

Her other novels A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER and TO ERR IS HUMAN are romantic novels with a spark of humour which captivates the eye of the reader and tickles their funny bones. Human emotions and relationships have been crafted and weaved in the backdrops of twisting tales. The protagonists of all her novels are true to real life and touch your heart. She is fast gaining popularity with her true to real life, fast paced novels.

Swarupa is also a poetess with several of her poems and short stories published in magazines and Anthologies. She is a wanderer by heart and loves to travel whenever she can. Her novels reflect the modern day woman and the various aspects of her personalities.

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