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Write for First Step Publishing and Get paid

If you think you have the knack of writing and want to get published. Do write for First Step Publishing and get paid for it.

All you need to do is fill up the form below and we will send you an invite link to become a part of First Step Publishing Blog.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Create content as you please: Note: No religious content / hate speech and bad languages is allowed
  2. The content should be original piece of work and not even published in your blog, FB or any where in the net. Don’t try to fool us in this as we are smart and will identify the same if the content is published in the digital space before. If so found, the content will be immediately removed and the user will be banned.
  3. You can write the following
    • Book review
    • Author Interview
    • Short Stories
    • Poetry
    • Movie Review
    • Consumer Product Review
  4. You will be giving First Step Publishing the right to publication and First Step Publishing at their will can use your content to compile an anthology out of the received content. This will be communicated to you before compiling the same.
  5. First Step Publishing will hold the right to edit and proof read the content before the content is uploaded.


  1. The payment cycle will be on a monthly basis for the qualifying posts.
  2. Payments will be made via NEFT to your bank accounts.  Bank details should be shared in during registration.
  3. Payment cycle will be 7th of every month for hits and shares received in the entire previous calendar month.

Qualifying posts

  1. Qualifying posts are the posts which will receive over 1000 unique user hits. This will be tracked with a unique analytic code by google.
  2. Tracking will be done for each posts.
  3. If your post is not eligible for the current month. The unique users hits will be carry forwarded for the next month till you become qualified for payouts.
  4. Qualification of posts for payouts will be done only after a post has received over 1000 unique hits.
  5. If your post crosses 5000 hits in a month you will receive the following
    • Addition Cash prize of Rs 1000
    • Certificate of Appreciation
    • Trophy of Success
  6. Social sharing also contributes to the payouts
  7. Each Facebook Share with #FirstStepPublishing will contribute to a Rupee
  8. Each Twitter Share with #FirstStepPublishing will contribute to a Rupee

In case you have any further queries please feel free to write to us at info@firststepcorp.com


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